Uncommon Type

Uncommon Type
By: @tomhanks

Book 73/100 Pages: 405

Tom Hanks is infatuated with typewriters. Like more than he was with that volleyball in Cast Away. This is his first collection of short stories, it includes a number of vignettes that are often humorous or light-hearted (much like Tom). Tom focuses on several themes in his stories including: children of divorce, moving from a small town to big cities, use of typewriters, and a simplicity of life before the internet.

Most of the stories are simple, in terms of style, many have happy endings that get tied up neatly. A few of the stories stood out that I enjoyed, Welcome to Mars, A Month on Greene Street, and A Special Weekend. All of these deal with divorce and as a child of divorce I found it interesting the unique ways it can affect a family (Tom’s parents were divorced).

You can tell through these stories that Hanks misses parts of Americana that are no longer relevant. Similar times, typing on a typewriter or getting news from a newspaper. It’s a great book to transport you to simpler times, with an eclectic mix of stories that feature Hanks trademark humor.

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